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North Five Mile Power Outage Sunday November 28 2010 12:26 pm

by Hawke Robinson last modified Jul 26, 2016 04:41 PM
For initially unknown reasons, the power went out to the Forest Hills subdivision of North Five Mile at 12:26 PM on Sunday November 28th, 2010. Avista's automated system indicated that power might be restored by 7:00 pm... More information as it becomes available will be appended to this article...

Greetings Neighbors,

If you are home, you may or may not be able to read this (a great reason to get on the cell phone notification list (email

hawke at with your name and SMS-enabled cell phone, and I'll add you to the notification list), but you probably already know that the power it out in the Forest Hills area since Sunday 12:26 pm.

According to the Avista's automated system, they estimate power will be restored at 7:00 pm.

I do not yet have information as to the cause of the outage. If anyone knows, please respond to this list or the website forum, and let us know.

If anyone is in any trouble with heat in a few hours, I have a generator, gas powered boiler heat system, and wood stove here, so if it is getting too chilly for you, feel free to come by 1432 W Lawrence Dr. to keep warm until power is restored.

I will post on the website and email list when I have any additional information.



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