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Please Report Animal Problems to SCRAPS

by Hawke Robinson last modified Jul 26, 2016 05:19 PM
See the video of this dog getting into neighbor's garbage, and defecating on another neighbor's lawn. If you are having issues with animals being let loose like this, please report it to SCRAPS...

Another neighbor has reported their animals have been getting shot. If anyone knows who is doing this (reportedly with a BB gun, more than once), according to the neighbor owner of the same dog shown in the videos below, is sadly been shot more than once. If you have information, please share it with your neighbors via the North Five Mile community email list and report any animal cruelty to SCRAPS. Contact information included below....

This dog (mixed chocolate lab) shown in the video is known to be roaming throughout the neighborhoods. The owner of the dog (and a blonde toy-size dog), live on 1428 W Lawrence Dr. The neighbor keeps allowing their dogs loose, despite repeated warning tags on their door. Be that as it may, it is best to handle such issues by reporting the animal (and/or the owners of such animals) to SCRAPS (Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service) - 509-477-2532.

The owner of the dog reports that their dog, (probably while roaming) has been shot (more than once), apparently by a BB gun, as well as their cat, and their truck window. Please remember, the dog roaming is the owner's responsibility (and fault), not the animal's fault. Shooting such an animal is a criminal animal cruelty offense. If you have any information about anyone shooting this (or any other) animal or property, please share with the neighborhood, so we can help each other catch the culprit(s) since this impacts our safety, and contact SCRAPS (or the Sheriff if involving property damage) with any information you have. Let's work together as neighbors to help law enforcement find and stop such criminal behavior happening in our wonderful community.

Feel free to email or call Hawke Robinson at (509) 481-5437 or hawkenterprising at gmail dot com for any questions, comments, or requests.

If you haven't already joined the North Five Mile email list, please contact Hawke to add you to the email list, or send a blank email (from a non-Microsoft-based email) to:

Watch for a confirmation email within a few minutes (check spam folder just in case too).

Then reply to the confirmation email.You will now be subscribed.

To post to the list, simply send email to


Then everyone on the list will see your email posting.

Please help spread the word about this community website and email list.

And let's help keep our neighborhood safe.



Dog from 1428 w Lawrence defecating on 1436 lawn 3 41 pm 20140903

Dog defecating on neighbors yard 20140903 cropped

Two dogs owned by residents of 1428 W Lawrence Dr, roaming unsupervised on yards of 1509 W, 1436 W, 1432 W, and other neighbors to the east as well. Also the larger dog actually defecating on the neighbor on 1436 W. Apparently it does so regularly much to that neighbor's upset.


Dog from 1428 w lawrence in garbage of neighbor 20140903

Dog getting in trash 20140904 cropped

Same dog from 1428 W. Repeatedly getting into garbage can, and spreading garbage around on September 3rd, 2014.

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