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Save Your Neighborhood!

by Hawke Robinson last modified Jul 26, 2016 05:40 PM
The new development plans applied for in the lower North Five Mile area will be a terrible negative impact on the quality of life and even safety of all the residents in the area!

Project File Number: PN-1974-06

Notice of Application Type II, filed by Harley C. Douglass Inc.

for development of proposed subdivision covering 23.55+ acres for 39 single family residences and DUPLEXES, will adversely affect all residents in the surrounding areas.

The proposed plans for excessively high density lower income housing development, and duplexes, will cause a significant impact on the area beyond the capabilities of the existing and proposed infrastructure capacities.

The following is a summary of just a few of the issues:


    • Outlet of new subdivision on already overloaded North Five Mile street (see maps coming soon) especially the North Five Mile Road and Wall/Waikiki very dangerous intersection


    • Development of denser housing and duplexes means lower income residents and many renters which statistically significantly raises crime rates in the area


    • Children safety impacted by increased traffic and transient residents


    • More than 20 acres of forestry and wildlife habitat destroyed


    • Overloading already strained utilities, drainage, roads, and other infrastructure


    • Adds additional overburden to already overloaded and undermanned Fire Department & Law Enforcement services

There are many other probable issues related to this development (please post comments to this article for suggestions on other issues of note).

Please send in writing a letter to Spokane County Department of Building and Planning to strenuously object to this plan being approved ASAP. Time is of the essence, there is a limited window in which the county will receive feedback from it's tax paying residents!

Send letters to:

Hal Allert, Associate Planner

Spokane County Department of Building and Planning

1026 West Broadway Avenue

Spokane, WA


See the sample letter from other residents (if you wish, you can download the file and edit it according to your preferences, then print it out and mail it).
(coming soon)

For the sake of your quality of life, the natural beauty of this area, and the safety of your families, act now to stop this development plan!