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Waste Management Garbage Collection Update Monday November 29 2010 10:30 am

by Hawke Robinson last modified Jul 26, 2016 04:43 PM
The garbage collection vehicles were just spotted turning onto Ardmore at 10:10 am today, if you were missed, they will be back Friday, and you can put out double the normal garbage...

Greetings Neighbors,

 I was in the middle of writing an announcement that I saw the Waste Management garbage truck turn onto Ardmore at 10:!0 am this Monday morning.

 Then they were already on Lawrence before I had a chance to finish the message.

 Then about 15 minutes after the truck came and went (and did pick up the garbage for those on the street), I received a phone call from WM indicating that they were unable to collect garbage in our neighborhood, and would be here Friday.

 Also that we can have twice the amount of garbage this Friday at no extra charge.

I hope this is useful information for those who were unable to get you cans out there in time.

 Sorry i wasn't able to get a fast alert out to everyone. I am still working on setting up the system, and i only have a handful of phone numbers so far (Actually, only 3).

Please send me your text-enabled cell phone numbers if you would like to be on the text fast-alert list I am putting together. These would be very short notices about key events (like power outages, or a garbage collection change like today, or road closures, etc. with info to check the site for more details). Just text me your name and number to add you, and/or email me at hawke at northfivemile dot com

I hope everyone is finding these services useful.



Cell: 509.481.5437 (SMS text okay).